The most worrying aspect in Self-driving cars' research is safety, which is being tackled through an ever-increasing number of high-efficiency, low-response-time sensors. However, the fact that safety is a bidirectional system and, as such, demands for continuous communication between vehicles and external world, has never been properly taken into consideration. Indeed, the automatization is an open system; not a closed one based only on the vehicle’s efficiency. Difficulties arise when man and machine are not considered as a collaborative system, but one is meant to replace the other. Men must be the centre of the automatization and hence the only way to make machines completely autonomous shall inevitably include men and all their variables. Aim of this work is to create a universal interaction and communication system between a single car and the internal/external scenario, based on human perception and behaviour. Construction of the new self-driving car’s communication system is needed and must be conceived for self-autonomy in the new context that autonomous cars themselves are outlining.

"Relay" is my Master's Thesis project. If you want to know more, you can easly download the complete project... Sorry, it's still only written in italian :(